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The first step @ +44

October 15, 2009

is realizing that you have a problem. Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard that one, along with many other platitudes. Did I mention that I love those self-help books, although I confess they make me anxious because I’m concerned that I’m not adequately self-actualized. (As if fully self-actualized people read those books.)

But I digress.

Today I stepped on the scale – post-vacation, post-winter-cold, post-new-stressful-job, post-health-scare, post-post-post-any-other-excuse-I-can-think-of, only to realize that I regained some of the weight I worked so hard to lose.

Not only did I still have weight to lose, but I lost ground. 13 lbs to be exact. So now I’m at +44. 

For those of you at home who might wonder where that number came from, well, it’s just a guess. I’m extrapolating the body fat thing, but I do not, nor have I ever believed that my life begins at a certain “number.” However, I”m ashamed to admit that there are many things that I’ve put off/postponed because I didn’t think that I had clothes that fit/would look good running/feared the swimsuit. Etc.

But first, the irritation about the whole thing. $##%^! (Feeling much better now, thank you.)

I’ve tried Weight Watchers, South Beach, grapefruit,  you name it, but the bottom line is that I really, really, really like sugar. So why not blog about it? I’m sure some of you are in the same boat. (And yes, I’ve been to the blogs about how it’s really, really bad for you. Thanks for the info  – really – but I’m not ready to quit cold turkey.)

So I hope you’ll join me on my journey to work toward my weight goal while considering the whole sugar-relationship-thing. Hopefully this won’t be too self-indulgent, or I’ll bore myself first.

But first – today: a blueberry scone (trying to keep it to 1x/week, and stick to the good cereal the other days); one See’s candy bar, and seven dark chocolate malted milk balls from Bissingers, which are like malt balls on steroids in terms of taste. I rejected the possibility of a brownie with dinner. Who knew that helping an elderly woman cross the street could invoke the same virtuous feeling as bypassing chocolate? Maybe I should start giving my candy to elderly women while they cross the street, which should invoke twice the goodness.